PREMIUM SERVICE (get your music digitally engraved, recorded, protected and distributed for royalty collection!)


Price is £497 or more, but you can even get a great discount on it. Read below to discover how.

This optional service can be purchased in addition to a normal BRAINARM SESSION PACKAGE.





Once your composition is ready and you have fully refined it, this package allows you to have it:

  • engraved by a professional copyist (you will get a digital score in pdf format)
  • professionally recorded at our studio in London (you will be provided with mp3/wav/midi files at your own choice)
  • copyright protected by applying a timestamp with bitcoin
  • registered for royalty collection and distributed on the main online music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc)
  • published on the Music page of this website (, advertised on our social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram) and sent one time as a link to all our newsletter subscribers (those we currently have on board)
  • included in the repertoire of one or more musicians of our team to be performed when possible.



The price displayed is £497. It refers to one piece only and grants you 100% royalties after distribution.
This price can be discounted to £397 if you waive your royalties and grant us with 100% control. Copyright of the music remains yours of course. In any of the above two cases you will sign a contract to allow that. Should you opt for the discounted service, please go back and choose the other product called “Premium Service without royalties”.

The prices £497 and £397 are the minimum possible prices, as they refer to simple music lasting less than 4 minutes. For more complex music or music lasting more than 4 minutes the price will be “ad hoc”. The terms “simple” and “complex” refer to the level of complexity we encounter when copying notes and symbols in digital format as well as the performance level of difficulty.
To know if you need to get an “ad hoc” price get in touch via the contact page once your composition is completed.


Once you have completed your piece of music and purchased the Premium Service, you will get all the work done by one year maximum. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a clear time for delivery, as this might depends on how many other people we have to serve and the level of difficulty of your piece.

Should you want to reduce the queue and get priority, we can increase our work and allow you to get your work done by a shorter time from purchase of the Premium Service.
Consider the following options for faster delivery and get in touch after purchasing the Premium Service, if you want to add this extra to the service:

– delivery in 6 months – £97

– delivery in 4 months – £197

– delivery in 3 months – £297

– delivery in 2 months – £397

– delivery in 1 month – £497

– delivery in 15 days – £697


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee if and when the piece will be performed in public, as this depends on the choice and availability of our partner musicians. Notice that the service does not include a performance, but this music being “included in the repertoire of one or more musicians of our team “.
Also, we will not be liable for any disservice from timestamping and/or online distribution and/or royalty collection partner services. Anyway, should any problem occur with any of those services, we will issue a partial refund (see below for details about how partial refund works).
Finally, we cannot guarantee success (in terms of popularity and/or earnings) for your music, as of its recording and/or music score.
Therefore we will not be liable if your expectation are not met in that regard.


Despite it is extremely rare that we cannot deliver the service after purchase, it might happens.
The reasons for that are things such as illness of one or more of our partners, faulty devices or any other reason beyond our control.
When you have purchased the Premium Service on its own, without any faster delivery time option, a full refund is possible for the Premium Service only if it has not been completed at all within one year, that means no engraving, recording AND distribution have been delivered to you within one year. A partial refund is possible, should we be not able to deliver all of the following services: engraving, recording, distribution. The amount of refund will be calculated proportionally as 1/6, 2/6, etc. based on how many tasks have been fully completed by us: e.g. if we were able to digitally engrave + protect your copyright + publish the music score, all this will allow you to get a refund of half (3 out of 6) of the price you paid as royalty collection registration, recording service and publication of the recording were missing.
If you have purchased any faster delivery option AND the delivery timing has not be respected, we will process a full refund of both the faster delivery service you have purchased and the Premium Service, unless you still want the Premium Service to be delivered regardless of our delay. In the latter case, the work will then be delivered with our own timings within one year as normal.


Premium service (your music digitally engraved, recorded, protected and distributed for royalty collection)

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