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“Great concept! The future of music composition is here!”

(Terry Daniels, Music tutor – 2018)


“…And the League of American Orchestra was about to kick me out for saying this was the future of music!  And it is.  As a composer I am more interested in the creative process and what technology can do to help connect people with music  than I am in figuring out the politics of who gets heard and who doesn’t on a symphony orchestra program.”

(Marc Parella, Composer – 2018)


“Recently I attended a Brainarm session of one of my own
friends, a bank manager who was totally new to music. I appreciated the
evolutionary path of the process which started from a sort of musical dripping,
and then came to a definition of the materials at stake, which got filtered by
the sensitivity and taste of the “neophyte”.
I wish Guido Mallardi and the system he has developed a wide popularization, that
can contribute actively to the practice of music as a creative approach
for everyone, expecially on the expressive and emotional level.”

(Fausto Bongelli, pianist – 2018)


“Thank you to Guido Mallardi for providing Cadenza Music tutors with a demonstration of Brainarm. It was a very insightful event with a very interesting Q+A afterwards.”

(Daniel Nicholson, Pianist, Music tutor and Founder of Cadenza Music – 2018)






“It was a great experience! Doing away with the ‘formalities’ that ‘stunts’ the very essence of what Creativity and Expression is really about! It was a great confidence booster! For anyone who undertakes this experience it can only move them to greater things! The chasm between establishment and god-given musical ability whom one fine example was that of king David of the Bible who was a accomplished composer!”

(Desmond Calliste, life coach, non-musician – 2018)


“It’s really amazing. It is a great technique! I have no music background but spent a whole afternoon composing with Guido. The result is intriguing. It is like a cast of my feelings and of my character. Thank you very much Guido MallardiI highly recommend to work with you!”

(Matthias Leeck, sculptor – 2018)


“I have always loved art and music. But only now I am desiring to compose. I felt I could potentially express thoughts and feelings through music, but I didn’t realize exactly how to make this possible. I needed a mean. The Brainarm method is fantastic, free and gentle! It perfectly fits the individual’s creative space.”

(Loredana P., singing student – 2013)


I was looking for a new method to refine my approach to the piano and to compose.His revolutionary method allowed me to create a piece, then successfully played during two concerts. My satisfaction was great! Brainarm opened a musical world that I ignored. Now I play regularly and have created about thirty pieces with such a self-confidence I’ve never had before. I’ve hardly ever met such an upright and motivated person as Maestro Guido Mallardi. His lectures have contributed to my mental health as well.

(Paolo D., adult intermediate self-tought piano student – 2012)


“I had been looking for a piano teacher which faced composition from the beginning for quite some time, but I was doubting it would be possible to find one until I found Guido Mallardi. I am already composing my first piece, it speaks of me and my musical taste. Ever since I started I am full of enthusiasm because I feel I have the right method to express my music fully! Brainarm let you learn music by means of music. The art is tying in every technical aspect to every notion we learn. It gives meaning to each of your efforts and charges you with enthusiasm.

I finally completed the first of my compositions on piano, it is called “Ode to Skrjabin”. I am very satisfied with the result. Now all I need to do is learn how to play it. Many ask me how on earth I composed something without knowing how to play it. To those who ask such question, I smile and explain that it seems strange to me to up to the moment I saw the method at work. Each one of us has music within, even without the means of expressing it, because that means is the Brainarm method. You are the mind, the arm they let you borrow it! It’s like having a stand-in actor, when you can’t execute a difficult and virtuosic piece, your stuntman comes in and substitutes you just enough to reorganize your work to a neat standard. It is an experience foe all, for those who have always dreamt of composing as well as for those that didn’t even know they had music to express.”

(Stefano C., self-tought intermediate piano student – 2012)


“Up to the age of 20 years old, I never studied nor touched a musical instrument before, and I saw the piano only as a great dream never to be accomplished. But now, thanks to this method and to a pianist-composer able to bring out what you really are and all the music that you have within and that you didn’t know you had because you never had a chance to realise, I can honestly say to have set great achievements and that allow me still today not to be discouraged and to believe in myself, always!”

(Jessica G., piano beginner student – 2012)


“My two children aged 11 and 16 have composed via Brainarm from 9/2012 to 7/2013. Thanks to Guido Mallardi’s expertise my children have grown musically. He has applied successfully the Brainarm method developped by himself so that my sons have composed some pieces that have been very appreciated when played at the concerts.”

(Daniele C., parent of 2 siblings – 2013)


“The Brainarm method gives sound to the incessant rhythm of everyone’s life. It allows self expression through a free, spontaneous and lawless flow of notes which in turn Guido organises into the traditional musical format. As a vase grants shape to space, Guido’s sensitivity, intelligence and musical acumen transmutes our silence into music.”

(Paola J., adult piano student, complete beginner – 2014)


“I composed a song in rhythm’n’blues style, of course with the help of the teacher Mallardi. However, the potential of this method was immediately obvious…”

(Marco G., music lover non-musician – 2013)


“Thanks to Brainarm I have discovered that everyone has his own music. And despite I didn’t believe in myself and my skills, I have found I am able to conceive and compose my own music, a music that reflects my complex inner world. That has helped me to have a better idea of myself and increase my self-esteem.”

(Elisa C., piano beginner student and Guido’s wife – 2009)





“He promised to bring out of him the music he didn’t think he had…

[…] Those minimal fairy tales, that are not so minimal in reality, that you don’t expect, that maybe just far away from the hallucinations of the metropolis you can live, that make you suspect that life isn’t all in a computer, in waiting in vain, in another dull day. There was more life in the hugs of those amateurs, less then amateurs in some cases (my brother had only been involved for two months), that were congratulating each other, that were despairing, that encouraged each other with hugs, then in many empty liturgies. Of something charming and of true music there is want. Music is an immense force, gigantic. Music changes the souls and changes men. Music can take men and make them better. And this School, of which I advise you to go to visit its website to find out more but even more to check it out for yourself, wherever you are, has managed, I admit it, to surprise me. Due to its enthusiasm its results and that mixture of vigour and familiarity.”

(Massimo D., journalist – 2012)

read from his blog (italian only)


“It will surely bear its fruits!

To you and to all who will try the Brainarm method, thanks from the heart, for the music you happen to gush out from your essence and for the invigorating effect that you will provide to those who will come to listen to your music!”

(Alessandra C., journalist who tried the Brainarm – 2012)

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Is it possible to compose high quality music by means of an expert, without knowing theory and instrumental technique at all?

Yes but only low quality music
Yes as I have tried Brainarm in person
Everything is possible
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