I don’t even know musical theory, how more so composing music!

THEORY IS NOT ESSENTIAL. Yes, you heard that right! All you need is just a Brainarm qualified Coach, who is an expert pianist and composer able to understand your musical intentions. He will help you translate them into notes and values.

Theory really is not a problem anymore when you have SOMEONE ELSE SORTING IT OUT FOR YOU: just like it wouldn’t be a problem to want to get somewhere without your driving license: just get a taxi! And a comfy one too!


All right that may be true but I can’t play the piano…

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL EITHER! Your Coach will perform the piece for you during the entire compositional session, as many times as you wish.

This way you will have full control over the piece, should you feel any note/value need to be changed.

You will understand soon why you don’t need to be able to play an instrument. Just go on and read the following faq.


I don’t have ideas/creativeness!

Everyone has ideas, but few are aware of that and even less have the courage to express them, maybe because they don’t feel adequate or maybe they just hold themselves back.

Those who think they don’t have any ideas, DON’T KNOW HOW TO ACCESS THEIR OWN CREATIVITY! That’s all.

Neuroscientists state that those who say they never dream are simple unaware of their dreams… Ideas are exactly like those dreams we are not aware of!

In fact, believing that we don’t have ideas would be just like thinking there is no fish in the sea, simply because we can’t see anything on the surface… Fishing provides evidence that fish is there though!

So, if you get stuck, it will be your Brainarm Coach’s job to make you aware of the fish, as the method he uses here allows a flow of notes to express your inner self. 

Therefore, all you will have to do to find your ideas is freely improvise on the keyboard and answer those questions the Brainarm Coach’s will ask you in order to get to know your musical intentions. Then you will be guided through the process of refinement and development of the idea itself. Nothing esoteric then, but rather a scientific technique!

Our experience shows that if you love music and wish to compose you can ALREADY COMPOSE!


Ok, probably I have some kind of ideas but I don’t think they are original and creative/interesting… Maybe the Brainarm Coach can give me some ideas?

Full Compositional Coaching means that the Coach will be a guide and executer, nothing more, so as to help refine your ideas WITHOUT AFFECTING YOUR ARTISTIC DECISIONS.

You will be the brain, he will only be the arm and your “musical conscience”.

Consider this: there is no such things as ideas that can’t be improved to some extent. From this, your Coach will help you to reason on your own ideas, stimulating inside of you the research of various possible solutions so as to refine these in a INDIPENDENT ARTISTIC MANNER and make a high artistic quality piece without influencing you in any way.


Great! But my aural is bad… I’m not even able to catch a tune.

If you think this then please note that the out-of-tune-person DOES NOT EXIST according to science!

Unfortunately there are people who have been traumatised by others, that have made them reach the conclusion of being out-of-tune where the problem was just lack of training! Furthermore shyness and low self esteem paralyse voice and ear… But this does not mean that these people’s music is dead! Music is much more than just sounds… And ideas always finds a way to structure themselves in a different manner, other than the traditional ones, exactly like cactuses adapt themselves to grow in a desert. This music would definitely sound more experimental. Wow!

So if this is your case then you can still compose music via the Brainarm without problems as of now.

But if you still really think that the problem is your ear, then ask for advice to an expert otolaryngologist, and be sure that he will tell you that the small number of people that can be considered true out-of-tune-people have actually suffered from a specific brain trauma… Let’s hope this isn’t your case!

However… perhaps you can still do it. Why not? At least there’s no evidence yet that this is not possible. WILL IS POWER!


All right then, even if composing without any knowledge of theory and the instrument is possible, in this way I will never learn anything and will always be dependent on my Coach for composing…

If you have never studied music, you would LEARN theory basics starting from practice and start developping your aural. Otherwise, if you are a music student (either a beginner or an advanced) you can use the Brainarm as a way to IMPROVE your theory and aural.

You would also REACH VERY HIGH ARTISTICALLY, something where that only professionals could do before this!

Of course, if you want to learn to compose independently it is necessary that you enrol for the compositional course, but then you need to honestly ask yourself if are willing to take the needed time to study the subject, obviously already being able to play the instrument at good level.


I don’t have the time to follow a course.

Don’t worry! Composing through the Full Compositional Coaching you WON’T HAVE TO STUDY A MINUTE! the work is ONLY DONE IN SESSION TIME and you can choose the frequency of the sessions.

In a year you can compose two, three or even more pieces of music! Depending on how long each.

If you can manage to find a little bit of time each day, it would be good to study the instrument and the theory, however this is not essential for brainarming.


I have recordings of my own improvisations on piano or other instruments. I would like to transcribe and/or refine them, but I am not able to.

It is possible to do so in our sessions, otherwise the service for trascription is calculated apart from a Brainarm session.

Price depends on the musical genre, the length of the piece, and its complexity too (see Premium Service for details).


What then would do I do with my music?

First of all we will HAVE IT TIMESTAMPED to avoid possible plagiarism.

You can request your music to be COPIED IN DIGITAL FORMAT BY OUR COPYIST, whenever they are available, and PUBLISHED on this website to be downloaded for free. Then it might be PRACTISED by piano students and PERFORMED by pianists around the world or by Guido Mallardi, the Brainarm Coach.

You can also request that your music be RECORDED by him. Then this recording will be exposed online for free, used for our videos and adverts.

And should your music be put on sale in the future, part of possible profits will be yours.

Now have a look to the Music page, where some music score have already been published and available to be downloaded for free. Also, there you can listen to some recordings.


It’s all too good to be true! Where are you?

Check it out yourself! Make an appointment now for a FULLY REFUNDABLE SESSION. You can carry it out ONLINE (by Skype) or you can come here in WEST LONDON… when the Coronavirus will be defeated! (show me where on Google maps).


How old should I be?

Although there have been some exception so far – the youngest was 5 years old girl (and was not a genius) – being older than 7 is better for brainarming, since some of the intellectual ability needed are essential. There is no maximum age limit, and old age is definitely not a problem for Brainarm.


I suffer from a physical handicap or disability can I still brainarm?

Maybe. If it involves the use of the superior and/or inferior limbs, consider you can still use your voice. Vice versa, if the problem lays in the use of your voice and/or speech.

As an example of how difficult is to prevent someone from brainarming, consider that total paralyisis and the locked-in syndrome still let the individual use their eyes to allow a communication with the Coach. 

Only intellectual or brain deficiencies which affect decision making and listening could set up a real hindrance in regards to the good outcome of a normal Brainarm session. However, we believe that unconscious still reserves surprises if one just trust its potential… So, why not giving it a try? You can still get fully refunded in case we cannot help you.





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Where can Brainarm can make a huge difference?

– Music institutes (conservatories, private schools and music academies) – Colleges and Universities – Music festivals – Primary and Secondary schools – University of the Third Age – Mental health centres – Elderly care centres – Orphanages – Prisons – Drug rehabilitation centres

but also… art cafes!





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